Tenco DDM was founded in 2008, back then it was still called Tenco-Proto. The knowledge base of our company originates from several years of experience in prototyping and development at the highest level of car sports (F1, WRC rally). A world where both technical aspects and esthetical details are equally important.

At Tenco DDM we aim to co-create high-end solutions with our customers, by means of 3D printing or CNC machining. On a daily basis we proof that our small-scale business is a perfect fit to ensure a personal and tailormade service and support in additive manufacturing and innovative finishing techniques.

Major added value is created by continuous investments in state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. Particularly our combined high precision processing and finishing competences are considered an innovative asset.


Tenco DDM continously invests in new technologies and innovative equipment. 3D printing is our core business, but we have a wide range of processes at our disposal. Besides several industrial additive manufacturing techniques, we also offer CNC machining, vacuum casting, thermoforming and lost-wax metal casting.

We offer all our customers an extensive service, providing highly accurate and precise prototypes. The key to our succes is that we make use of several different processes and not necessarely try to make an application fit a process. We will always try to present a process that will fit the application.

One of the biggest advantages of having several production techniques in house, is that we can offer a wider material choice and the best process solution.

If you compare additive processes with more traditional methods, you will discover that there are a number of key benefits:

  • Faster lead times

  • Reduced development time

  • Reduced costs

  • Greater design freedom & part complexity

  • Less material waste


Depending on what type of prototype you would like to produce (form, fit, functionality,..), we can offer different technologies, materials and finishing techniques. If you would like to find out more about this, please go to the according page on our website.



With our DLP-technique we are able to produce highly accurate and precise models, with a standard resolution of 50 or 100 micron, depending on the chosen material.

This technique is well suited for producing small end series as well as quick prototypes. We have 18 different materials avaible, each with their own technical characteristics. (ABS-like, ceramic filled, high HDT,…) Due to the level of detail which can be reached with this technology, we are able to print very thin mesh structures, internal channels and screw thread without having to post-finish the parts.



Micro-precision and optical parts are two aspects that work well together. Due to the fact that we can print highly accurate and detailed parts, with a very thin layer thickness, we are able to get highly transparent parts without having to remove a lot of material.

The transparent DLP-material which we have in house is UV-stable and glass clear. This makes it an ideal material to produce personalised lightguides, but also in the packaging industry the UV-stability is a big plus. On top of that, some of the materials are also Class VI biocompatible.



We are convinced that finishing techniques come together with prototyping and modelmaking. In particular cases, the finishing quality of a printed part or a model can determine whether a deal with your customer is on or off. Tenco DDM has invested in equipment for sandblasting, painting, technical coatings, graphical applications, rubber coatings, covering & upholstery.



By offering our engineering services to our customers, we really want to focus on being a one-stop-shop and assist where needed. If required we can give you some guidance in “design for additive manufacturing”, but on the other hand we can also start designing a model from scratch.